Thursday, October 11, 2012

Drum Parade - before and after!

I have another post kicking around in my head about the rhythm of life I actually live vs what I would do if left to my own devices, but until that one comes together, here is a picture of the drum I made for Ella today:
It is a pretty small thing, but it feels like a triumph on so many levels - coming up with a fun way to reuse what would be sent out in the trash, actually making it to the store with Ella and surviving her in a stroller with racks of fabric everywhere to be grabbed, getting up my gumption to actually cut fabric and use modgepodge, and generally just getting this done instead of leaving it to decay in my "good ideas" bin. I had a lot of fun doing it.
I'm especially proud of the strap. There is a smaller blue button on the inside of the sturdy polyester ribbon that slots perfectly into the slot left behind by the old blue ice cream handle and which is sewn through to the fun decorative yellow button that hides the end of the strap. (This picture does not do it justice) It was fun to come up with a way to attach it that worked with the structure of the ice cream tub and was still decorative and neat.

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