Thursday, October 11, 2012

There's a hole in my blog....

A good friend of mine is always telling me that I should write. To which my response is always: well, what shall I write, then, dear Liesl?*

However, I have just recently come to the realization that that, in fact, is the central question of writing, and one that no one else can answer for you. I find content modification to be more natural than content creation,** but in an effort to stretch both my comfort zone and my skills, I'm planning to put up a blog post every Thursday for the next six months, with the likely exception of Christmas break. I have no idea what they will be about yet, but I guess we'll find out together!

 Thanks for leaving me in your RSS feeders for so long, friends. I'll be back to visit again soon. :)

* Hole in my Bucket Song Lyrics, in case you are unfamiliar due to living on an awesome island in the middle of the North Atlantic. :)

 ** Send me your papers, your resumes, your complicated training manuals and your translations, rough drafts of all shapes and sizes! I will help bring out their beauty, and it will make me so happy to do so!

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annie said...

I shall be singing Dear Liesl all evening... many thanks. Also, this is thrilling!